Our company has consistently grown for over 30 years in our service to dealer marketing groups and area automotive dealers, convenience stores, manufacturers, and retailers. We are gratified to represent a "Who's Who" list of clients in several product categories. The expertise gained with these numerous market sectors provides a broader understanding of business in general.

"Return on Investment" is our main focus in everything we do. Houser & Hennessee treats each of our clients' dollars as though they were our own. You may hear other agencies say these same words. But, if you were to ask other advertising agencies if they have actually purchased media with their own money to promote their business interests, you'd be surprised how few have done so. We have. The phrase "Return on Investment" takes on a whole new meaning when you've written a check to actually buy the media yourself. We get it. In fact, we have started our own test companies for the specific purpose of analyzing the advertising investments needed for the idea to succeed. We've learned from our experiences, and we've learned how to replicate the successes.

Many clients require help with co-op. We are experts at the steps to acquire and utilize co-op dollars from a wide variety of major corporations including GM, Goodyear, Sprint, Fox Network, MerCruser, Nissan, Ford, Chrysler, Suburu, Mazda, VW, Audi, Honda, Lennox, York, and many more. We have developed co-op programs where none previously existed. We know how to follow corporate guidelines when provided, and how to draw up guidelines when they don't exist. We handle it all, including submiting affidavits of performance with invoicing to assure co-op reimbursement money is acquired to the maximum level, plus submitting co-op claims directly on behalf of our advertisers.

We are very fortunate to have many letters of recommendation and referrals. It's the core factor that drives our new business. We're happy to share with you the many letters we have on file. You will most likely recognize the companies and individuals who share their positive experience, as they are literally a "Who's Who" of business leaders in the Midwest and beyond.