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    Larry Hennessee

    Larry joined the firm in 1992 and leads the team as agency CEO. He's active in every department of the agency, with advanced skills in creative and tech. Larry's also an expert at programmatic online advertising, and guides our clients into effective & cost efficient digital ads across several platforms.

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    Kim Gouin

    Kim joined the agency in 1989 as an audio and video producer. After thousands of productions on behalf of Buick dealer marketing groups she transfered her skills to client services. Kim now works relentlessly with our largest clients on a daily basis.

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    Mike Grocholski

    Mike joined the firm in 1993 as Art Director and has filled that role for over 20 years. Billboards, newspapers, magazines, brochures, logos, and various other award-winning advertising graphics are his distinct specialties.

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    Terry Phillips

    Sound Design, Voice Over, Creative Copy, Marketing Mashups, anything Tech with or without blinkie lights, and Pro Tools/Ableton/Reaper/Adobe Audition/After Effects Ninja.

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    Chris Hennessee

    Chris has been exposed to the advertising community for over 30 years. She is now using this background in our media department as an analyst and buyer.

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    Shirley Good

    Shirley has nearly 20 years tenure as our financial manager. Her knowledge of business accounting is supported by a "Guru" level knowledge of accounting software and practices, backed with business ownership experience in automotive service.

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    Cliff Houser

    Our company's founder provided guidance, advice, and support from his lifelong experiences in advertising and broadcast arts. Cliff passed away May 19th, 2022 due to illness. His 35 years of mentoring his staff prepared the team to continue his company in his honor.

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    Nick Fulmer

    Nick joined the agency to fill the expanding need for advanced web and tech support for our clients. Not only does Nick build amazing websites, he also works on video pre-production and technical support.

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    Ian Hennessee

    Raised in a household where advertising and technology was the subject at breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it's no surprise Ian got involved with the firm at a young age. He excels at Internet software development and his database driven websites with incredible capabilities put him in demand with our clients. See how Ian got his start in the industry.