The SONY M3A… A “Portable” broadcast-quality field camera in 1986. It weighed nearly 20 pounds and its case was larger than the average suitcase. It was state-of-the-art for its time. And we had one. Why? Almost all other agencies would hire TV news crews to film their TV commercials... and that meant a delay of up to a week before getting a new commercial on the air. Those timelines are unacceptable. Getting a new creative idea to market quickly has always been our goal. In 1996, we were first in the state with digital television editing in-house. This meant 24/7 access seven days a week to develop new commercials and videos without working on anyone else's timeline, but our clients. We still lead the market with HD video acquisition and editing, both in technology and the number of projects we complete in an average month. 300 unique commercials a year is our benchmark, and we consistantly excel past that number. We produce creative for a large number of product categories. We have provided a few examples on this page as a brief example of what you can expect. Looking for something else? Call us. Chances are we have further samples to show you that are relative to your needs. If not we’ll create them. Enjoy.

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